Message from Zora Killough Cunningham
6 July 2002


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Dear Killoughs and Killough descendants and researchers:


This message is a mailing to those Killough connected people in my address list.  I am sorry if it gets to someone who really isn't interested in what is going on in the Killough Reunion Association and its various activities but many of you will be interested in what's happening.  As most of you know, we have a big reunion "get together" every other year and this was the year to be skipped.  We will certainly meet again the third weekend of June 2003 in Jacksonville, Texas.  You will be notified next year.  This is in lieu of the annual newsletter, which was not prepared this year, since I have a personal need to communicate with all of you.




After serving as Historian of the Association since 1989, I am resigning now due to severe ongoing heart problems and age-related health problems.  Whoever gets this position gets to have all the materials collected over the last 50 years by several historians.  You can use this information to help others find their long lost relatives and add to it as you wish.  I will assist you as much as possible as long as possible.  All you need is space for seven file cabinet drawers and a love of Killough history.  In this day and age, you would need to be computer literate and somewhat familiar with genealogical research but you don't have to do any research yourself.  Nowhere else in the world is there this much Killough data and history in one place!  Some notoriety goes with this honor so be prepared to be known nationally.  I have permission to place all this material in Clayton Library, Center for Genealogical Research, in Houston, TX, eventually.  There it will be accessible to anyone.  In the meantime, I am anxious to turn it over to someone who is willing to use it now.  Contact me as soon as possible if this project is as exciting to you as it has been to me.  Anyone connected to the Killoughs can be a member of the Killough Reunion Association.




I volunteered to be responsible for the Killough web site in two years ago and have selected and written up articles for it ever since.  The web master has resigned and, due to my deteriorating health, I must turn this activity over to someone else now.  Beginning last September, the domain, , was paid up for two more years and will be continued by the Association.  An experienced web master who has the time and truly enjoys Killough history and activities and will do it for a small fee per month is now needed.  I will give the web master material from my files and correspondence as long as possible.  Others related to Killoughs will continue to send in their contributions to the new web master also.  The web site has been a terrific success in pleasing and assisting new and old Killough contacts all the U. S, Canada, Northern Ireland and even Scotland.  It is too valuable a resource to close down now.  Please e-mail me right away or phone me to talk about it if you are interested in taking over the web site as web master.  The server was Network Solutions (VeriSign) but I would suggest that the new web master use a server he is familiar with.


In the meantime, Mitch Fincher, a Killough descendant, has offered to let us use his web site to post new articles for our web site.  He does not have the time to take the web site over but has been very generous to let much of our material be on his.  Check it out occasionally for my new articles until we get our own site again:  Others who have put some of our material on their web sites are:  Gary Killough of Indiantrail, NC, at and Ken Kalloch of Concord, NH, at   They are very interesting sites.  Let me know if you know of others.




For the computer literate Killoughs now and in the future, a compact disk will be available as soon as possible.  It will have the complete 1997 book with its introduction plus the last five year's worth of updates, many of which are of new families not in the books before, as well as corrections to the 1997 book.  I know I have been promising this for some time but computer problems have prevented getting it finished.


A volunteer is needed to store these CD's and receive and respond to orders.  The extra amount charged over the price of the cost and postage would go to the funds of the Killough Reunion Association of the KILLOUGH MASSACRE MEMORIAL SITE, INC. for the perpetual upkeep of the cemetery.  It would be helpful if the one who makes them would also send them out but this can be worked out between the volunteers. This project might be less time consuming individually if several people would work on it together.  Down through the years, different people could volunteer to take care of this so it isn't a lifetime job.  The price could be nominal enough that they would easily sell to future generations and even to those who already have books.  If you think you could handle this now or want to discuss it with me, please contact me right away.   Time is important.


The old cemetery out in the forest near Jacksonville, TX, is being watched over by Jean Cannon of Tyler, Tx.  She hires people and secures volunteers to have it cleaned up and repairs made periodically.  It has not been vandalized in the last year.  The funds for this and other necessary ongoing expenses (web site, mailings, etc.) of our organization come from contributions sent in by families or individuals who are interested in preserving our family history as well as families who have come to the reunion.  Your $10 each year is greatly needed and appreciated even in the years we don't meet.  Please send your contribution to Jean Cannon, Treas., 806 Neches, Tyler, TX 75702.




Zora Louise (Killough) Cunningham

1335 Brighton Drive, Brighton, CO 80601

Ph. 303-659-3593


Fax 303-659-0371



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