There were about 125 people at the first reunion near Jacksonville, Texas, on Labor Day weekend in 1955.  Many worked very hard each year thereafter, spreading the word, bringing Killoughs together to get acquainted and preserve family history.  The following letter is an example of the lengths to which these people would think of going to accomplish their goal.  This letter was saved by historians over the years but by now it is unknown exactly who this Jack is.  It is hoped that someone who reads this will recognize who he is.  The letter has been copied as it was written, with some parts omitted.

The Killough history referred to in this letter was a collection of the first twenty nine family groups recorded in a little booklet typed up on construction paper in 1957-58 by Barbara Killough, daughter-in-law of Allen Killough, one of the founders.  Copies of this little 59-page booklet have been saved by many Killough families.  If you have one, please report this to the present historian-editor, as a matter of interest as to how many can still be found.

Also referred to in his letter is a Killough reunion held in Myrtle, Miss., in 1958.  If your family attended this or you have any knowledge of it, please report this to Zora Killough Cunningham.  Your information will be used in a future article.

Pflugerville Texas [near Austin]

December 11, 1958

Dear Jack,

Your very welcome letter came today.  Yes there is a job for all Killoughs who will work in the killough reunion.  If I were you I would start by getting acquainted, With all the Killoughs in San Antonio.  Most are your cousins.  You and I may never find out what Kin we are.  But not so with the Killoughs in San Antonio.  Most of them are your folks.  If you want to see one of the Killough Histories Miss Fannie M. Killough 347 Fair Ave., San Antonio 10 , Texas.  She is your First Cousin. . . . . . . .

Our family left Scotland and moved to North Ireland betwin 1650 and 1660 The last to come that I know of is the Pastor of the Catholic at Three Rivers Texas.  He is Father William O. Killough.  He came from south Ireland about Five years ago he is a nice young man. Miss Marthy Ann Killough of Ireland is a young lady of ninty.  She lives in the house that the Killoughs built 400 [closer to 150] years ago she is Chief (matriarch) of the Killough clan.  I wrote her about Father Killough. She got up in the air. and disowned him as a Killough and said no Killough could be a Priest.  Your branch are the bigest branch of the Killoughs that I Know of.  My branch is one of the largest branches.  I think that your branch and mine are the same branch.  Put the two branches together and you have half the Killoughs in America.  But so far I have been unable to tie them together.  Here is what I think without Proof.  Is that George P. (Pomeroy) Killough who was your Great Grand Father, and my Grand father [Newton Cannon Killough] were Secant Cousin [no].  I have Proff that Isaac Killough Sr., who was killed in the massacree of the Killoughs By the Indians in 1838 was My Great Grand Fathers Twin Brother at the time of the massacre [yes] my Grand father . . . was on road most of the time [traveling preacher] . . . When you see a history turn to page 12.  That is the Hill county family.  They are your folks . . .

When the weather gets good in the spring why don’t you ask all the Killoughs to meet you in one of the parks in San Antonio some Sunday for a Killough get to gather.  It would cost very little and would be a great help to our other reunions.  I will do my best to be there.  I think you can get about 50 Killoughs to attend.  You said you wanted to work.  Now is your chanch.  I will tell you what a girl did in Mississippi.  First she was a inlaw to the Killoughs her husband gave her no help.  She was hated by her husband’s family.  She could hardly reed and write . . . she had four children no money to buy stamps with.  She had nerve, and not any thing else.  She worked up a good Killough Reunion in Mississippi [July1958].  The job that I am asking you to do is Much smaller.  Let me here from you or you and your family drive over and spend the week end with us some time. . . . . . I also saw the Abilene Texas Killoughs.  I think they will be at the reunion.  Next year I will do my best to start a reunion in Arkansas that state is full of Killoughs And I think that Oklahoma can stand a Killough reunion.  I am in favor of our reunon in meting in Dallas or Oklahoma City in 1959.  It ought to move around; and not meet at the same place every year.  We now have three reunions.  If we can get seven more and each of them have a Historian.  We may Learn or get a good deal more Killough history than we have got.  I feel sure that the Killoughs around Myrtle Mississippi are desendants Of my Great Uncle Samuel Son of James [no] I almost have proof of it .

After the mix up on the letters that should have been out over a month ago [telling about the past 1958 reunion] I will try to over come that mistake by sending out 300 cards before August first [1959].  I hope to have a good turn out at the reunion [at Jacksonville, Texas] this upcoming year. . . . .Will see you at the reunion.


Stuart Killough

William Stuart Killough died three weeks later on Jan. 4, 1959.

His contribution to future generations of the family will always be appreciated.

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