October 15, 1955

The following letter was written by Louise (Bentley) Killough to her daughter, Zora Cunningham, describing the first of the Killough Reunions that have met at the massacre site annually or, since 1999, every two years.  Mt. Selman is a little town between Jacksonville and Tyler, Tex.  Daddy was John Allen Killough, Sr., from Sallisaw, Okla. at that time.  Barbara is wife of  John Allen Killough, Jr.  He is now deceased and she lives in Grove, OK.

  “Our trip to the Killough meeting was quite interesting.  We met at the Methodist Church at Mt. Selman, Tex.  Barbara had brought a book for all to register in and cards to pin names on everybody.  Most of the ones who came had never seen each other before but their name was Killough, or had been before they married.  The Killough Historical Organization was formed with Daddy the President, a Cecil Killough from Amarillo vice President, and Barbara Sec. & Treas.  Cecil Killough announced that Barbara would need money and the Killoughs began getting up and walking up to her table and planking down the money, $41.00 in all.  They was a Rev. William Allen Killough, old man, Baptist preacher, who was appointed our Chaplin.  At noon we had picnic lunch at a park.  Then went to the Killough Monument five miles out from Mr. Selman.    Had speeches, a news paper man got a report and took pictures of the group and monument.  There was 85 present counting the children, 41 families represented.  They was quite a striking resemblance in some, others quite different.  A ____ Killough and family from Galveston, Tex., looked like he might have Spanish blood.  Some did not know any more of their family tree than the Grandfather’s name and were anxious to know more.  Cecil Killough said his father left home to hunt work when he was a little boy and had never been heard of since and he was so anxious to know who his kinfolks were.  For a group of that many people who had never met before, it was wonderful.  All were nice and friendly and just acted like they had known each other always and wanted to have a meeting there next year of 3 to 500 Killoughs.  We will all get names and addresses out of telephone directories and send them to Barbara and she will send them information about the Killough Historical Organization.  This meeting was more or less an experiment to see if others by the name of Killough were interested.  Daddy and Barbara got the thrill of their life at the response and interest.”

* * * * *


First Reunion Officers

Left to right:
Allen Killough, President, Cecil Killough, V. President, Stuart Killough, V. President
Rev. W. W. Killough, Chaplain, Barbara Killough, Sec.-Treas.

These are the adults who attended the Killough Reunion at Mt. Selman, Tex. (little village closest to the massacre site), the weekend of October 15, 1955.  Nineteen children aren’t listed. 

Do you know any of these folks?  If you know any of these folks, please notify webmaster Ken Kalloch at email: kdk44@juno.com.  It would be nice to know who is still living?, and if they have any recollections or stories about attending the reunion that they might be able to share and add to the website? 

1. Mr. & Mrs. Earl Killough--Albany, Tex.
2. Mr. & Mrs. M. C. Jacks—Harlingen, Tex.
3.  Rev. W. A. Killough—Greenville, Tex.
4.  Mr. & Mrs. Henry Killough—Dallas, Tex.
5.  Mr. & Mrs. Morris Killough—No. Little Rock, Ark.
6.  Mr. & Mrs. Jack Killough—Lake Charles, La.
7.  Mr. & Mrs. Henry O. Killough—Dallas, Tex.
8.  Mr. & Mrs. John C. Killough—Lincoln, Neb.
10. Mrs. Flora Robbins—Grand Prairie, Tex.
11. Stuart Killough—Pflugerville, Tex.
12. Mrs. Mary Covington—Grand Prairie, Tex.
13. Mr. & Mrs. T. L. Killough—Greenville, Tex.
14. Cecil Killough—Amarillo, Tex.
15. Mr. & Mrs. Ted Killough—Pt. Arthur, Tex.
16. Mr. & Mrs. J. Harve Killough—Granbury, Tex.
17. Mrs. Johnnie Killough Cato—Kilgore, Tex.
18. Mr. & Mrs. Guy Killough—Dallas, Tex.
19. Mrs. Fannie Killough Watts—Abilene, Tex.
20. Mr & Mrs. John A. Killough, Jr.—Washington, Ill.
21. Mr. & Mrs. W. W. Killough—Fort Worth, Tex.
       (possibly William Willis K.)
22. Mrs. Lanita K. Turley—Little Rock, Ark.
23. Mr. & Mrs. Frank Killough—Galveston, Tex.
24. Mr. & Mrs. J. C. Killough—Athens, Tex.
25. Mrs. J. N. Killough—Bullard, Tex.
26. J. N. Killough—Denison, Tex.
27. Mr. & Mrs. Thornton Killough—Dallas, Tex.
28. Mrs. Mary Killough Partlow—Mexia, Tex.
29. Mr. & Mrs. Y. N. Killough—Dallas, Tex.
30. Floyd Killough—Oakwood, Tex.
31. Mrs. Nancy Sullivan—Richardson, Tex.
32. Mr. & Mrs. Jim Killough—Granbury, Tex.
33. Betty Killough Coats—Dallas, Tex.
34. Mr. & Mrs. Joe Killough, Jr.—Dallas, Tex.
35. Mrs. Bessie League—Lewisville, Tex.
36. Mr. & Mrs. George Killough—Houston, Tex.
37. S. Reed Partlow—Mexia, Tex.
38. Jim Henry Killough—Hearne, Tex.
39. C. V. Killough—Oakwood, Tex.
40. Morris N. Killough—Irving, Tex.
41. J. D. Killough—Stephensville, Tex.
42. Mr. & Mrs. John Allen Killough, Sr.—Sallisaw, Okla.

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