Energy Richmond Killough, born in 1870 in Mississippi, came to Texas with his parents, John Wallace Killough and Martha Amelia Minter Killough, when they homesteaded near Hubbard in Hill County in 1876.  Hubbard is very near the Limestone County line.  Sometime later in life, E. R. Killough wrote this bit of local history in this manner:

   in the sumer of 1876 the Methodist Church decided to Build a Brush arbor and hold a Rival meeting under the Oaks South West of the Present Building.
   during this meeting the few People Who lived here Decided they needed a School and Grave yard and church.
    Since at that time there Was no lumber here.  One man got up and told the Crowd he would give all the logs.  This man was Mr. David Spence, long since dead.
   an other got and said he Would give a deed to the land on conditian that the Grave yard Should all Ways be a free Burrying yard.  That the house Should be free to all Denominations Should have equal Righs.  This man was John Glenery Onatott he said he dig not belong to any Church however he Was Weathely and long since dead.
   in Septenber 1876 the men got together had the lot for the house an Grave yard surveyed an got Buisey cuting logs and draging w/y With steers and they soon had the church Built with dirt floor an Elem logs split open for seats
   and in January 1877 they started School in in the church.  When school was took up there was only to Graves in Grave yard.
   I had the pleasure of being at Both of the Burings one Grown person and One Babby.
The School was moved in 1894.
                                                                                                               (signed)  E. R. Killoug

(From Limestone Co., Texas, Cemetery Record, Volume I)

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