Dr. Robert Swan Killough (1867-1939) was a prominent otolaryngologist, oil investor and civic leader in Amarillo, Texas, for many years.  His home received a Texas Historical Landmark designation in 1991.


 An article in the November 1999 AMARILLO BUSINESS JOURNAL:

Doctors partied at 1911 medical association convention

They came, they partied; conventions can be fun in Amarillo.  Texas doctors attending the 1911 Texas Medical Association annual meeting in Amarillo enjoyed a barbecue of buffalo and barrels of beer in Palo Duro Canyon.   They gathered in Palo Duro at an overhanging rock ledge called Devil’s Kitchen.  No roads led to the location, so the doctors descended into the canyon on small paths and ladders.  They climbed back up the same way after the barbecue.  On the last day of the medical convention, held at the Grand Opera House at Seventh Avenue and Polk Street, the Texas Medical Association passed a unanimous resolution calling on the U. S. Congress to designate Palo Duro Canyon a national park, according to a “History of Potter-Randall County Medical Society 1903-1968.”  Also at the convention, Dr. David Fly of Amarillo was elected president of the Texas Medical Association.  Fly, however, soon died of tuberculosis, which unfortunately was a common life-threatening disease at the time- - -.


Killough Home - Amarillo, Texas


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