This is Martha Ann Killoughís response to a letter from Stuart Killough in which he told her all about the Killough Massacre over there.   Apparently he had asked her if she knew of Killoughs other than her own nieces and nephews still living close to her.  This letter is copied as nearly as possible as it was written.

Miss Martha A. Killough                                                                            Dec. 28, 1955
Gortahar, Rasharkin
County Antrim

Dear Sir:

I will try to answer your letter,

That Massacre happened before I was born,   I was Born on May 20th 1868,   I see in your Letter that the are a lot of Killoughs in Texas,   My Nephew Walton Barr Killough lives there  Do you know him.   My Uncle James went to Lanark Canada,  and took wife and 8 children with him long before I was born,   They will likely be all dead,   I think the are some of the Great Grandchildren there yet, (Yes)  I am in my 87th year now and I am writing this without glasses,  The are glasses here,   but the donít fit me,   So excuse me if the are any mistakes in this,   I have thought on another family of Killoughs,   Maybe Walton has told you about them,   When I was young, The was a John Killough came to visit us and that was 50 or 60 years ago,   he lived at the Longlane near Ballymoney,   he is dead,   But the are three of his family around here.   They might give you some Knowledge,  The father John Killough got a Legacy sometime about that 50 or 60 years ago,  One of his daughters married Andy Dysart  he is dead but she is Mrs. Dysart Widow Finvoy Ballymoney,  And another daughter married Knox Wilson he is dead too but she is Mrs. Knox Wilson Widow Bainbridge Rasharkin, And a Brother Hugh Killough lives at Bainbridge Rasharkin Co Antrim Ireland,   I think this one got good of the Legacy, and bought a farm with it,  But do not tell them that I told you,   Just say you heard it,   I never seen these people nor aquainted with them,   but the donít live far off,
Well, if you write to me, tell me if you got this letter,   and if you visit Ireland,   I heard that if you take Breakffast in America you can be in Ireland for Supper,   It is surely fast flying,

I hope this finds you well,   and I wish you a Happy New Year.

Sincerely Yours
Martha Ann Killough

     To   Stuart Killough
      Phlugerville Texas

I am sending you back your paper, for Walton wrote all that to us long ago.


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